Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[DDO] The Marketplace Solo任務 : Hall of the Mark

Hall of the Mark是個在Marketplace的單人任務,任務內容是問答題,不過任務獎賞只有50GP,沒有經驗 -_-

下面是所會出的題目跟答案 :

Quest : House Kundarak is responsible for what service?
Answer : Banking
Quest : Which race wears the Mark of Healing?
Answer : Halflings
Quest : Which house is the greatest military power?
Answer : House Deneith
Quest : What two guilds are operated by House Deneith?
Answer : Defenders and Blademarks
Quest : Which skill does the Mark of Making improve?
Answer : Repairing
Quest : What house created the lightning rail and the warforged?
Answer : House Cannith
Quest : What spell-like ability does the Greater Mark of Passage grant?
Answer : Teleport
Quest : What is House PhiarlanAnswer : s secret business?
Answer : Espionage
Quest : When did the Mark of Warding appear, and amongst whom?
Answer : 2500 years ago, Dwarves
Quest : Where did House Jorasco finally settle?
Answer : KarrnathAnswer :
Quest : Which now-lost mark appeared with the Mark of Shadow?
Answer : Mark of Death
Quest : Who operates the CourierAnswer : s Guild and the lightning rail?
Answer : House Orien

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