Tuesday, January 30, 2018

[C#] OpenCvSharp DNN with YOLO2

On my post "OpenCV DNN speed compare in Python, C#, C++", Blaise Thunderbytes asked me to implement pjreddie's YOLO with OpenCvSharp, so that was why this post came out :P

Since OpenCV 3.3.1, DNN moudle supported parse YOLO models, so we can easily using YOLO pre-trained model now. OpenCv Doc have a tutorial of YOLO object detection writed in C++, if you using C++ can check it, I will using C# with OpenCVSharp.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

[MSSQL] Set max server memory using command | 用指令設定伺服器最大記憶體

Few days ago I am testing a issue, set maximum server memory to very low (min limit 128 if you set the value below it) on SSMS, after apply the setting, SSMS pop out error , broken connection from SQL server and can't connect back due to the memory to low can't accept connection.

I take some time to find out how to change the setting from command line, here is the guide.