Wednesday, June 4, 2008

[Molehill Empire]Quest 1~7

QUEST 1 - 1000 Lettuce

Hello, we urgently need 1000 heads of lettuce for our convention. We'll pay you 20,00 gB. Once you've got the heads, just stop by in town, so we can finish the deal. The congress center is right next to the lake. It's marked by an arrow, so you can't miss it.

Quest #1 completed
You have successfully completed the quest "Vegetarian Convention".
You have been awarded:
Cash: 20,00 gB
Points: 50

Quest 2 - 2400 Carrots

From Town council Green Valley

Our garden gnomes are participating at a beauty pageant and need 2400 carrots to help them tan faster. We'll pay you 40,00 gB.

QUEST 4 - 702 Carrots, 520 Strawberries, 500 radishes

From Restaurant Golden Sunset

Hello, our chef is planning to serve his delicious vegetable stew tomorrow. He'll need 702 carrots, 520 strawberries and 500 radishes. We'll pay you 70,00 gB

QUEST 6 - 1100 Potatoes

From Aunt Edna

Hello, I am planning to cook a strong potato soup for the homeless shelter. Alas, I don't have enough potatoes. Could you send 1100 potatoes over? I will pay you 700,00 gB.

QUEST 7 - 5000 Spinach

From Town council Green Valley

To celebrate the opening night of our new blockbuster Pop Aye in style, we'vebeen planning a rain of spinach. Could you send us 5000 spinach plants?Finely chopped and cleaned, please, we don't want the expensive gowns to beruined. We'll pay you 2700,00 gB and as additional incentive, we'll give you a fountain to decorate your garden.

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