Monday, June 9, 2008

[Kapi Regnum] Sunday Puzzle 2007/12/23

The Guard's Password

There was once a poor man, thin and dressed in rags who desperately needed work to earn himself enough to eat.

One day he was wandering across the market place in search of food dropped by the various shoppers looking to find produce from the local stall owners.

However what he found wasn't food, but he overheard a rumour that a local farmer was drowning himself in Beer at a nearby Brewery and complaining that one of his employees had left to work elsewhere for a better amount of pay.

Not one to turn down any possibly of finding employment the man began his walk towards the Brewery, only to be dropped at the door by a guard who quickly turned him away for not knowing the required password to enter.

Not to be discouraged the man hid behind a nearby bush just around the corner and listened waiting for other guests to the Brewery to arrive, one by one.

The first person to visit was told by the guard, "Twelve" to which the traveler quickly responded with the word "Six", and was allowed to enter.

Shortly after a second person came, also dressed in rags like our friend looking for a job. The guard said to this man "Six" and was given the answer of "Three" to be granted entry to the Brewery.

A short time later a third came, this time in Merchants Robes. With a grin on his face the guard said "Five", to which the Merchant responded with "Four".

Finally, confident he knew enough to figure out the password, the man came out of his hiding place, walked around the corner and knocked on the door. “Seven” said the guard.

Question: What should the man answer the guard in order to be let in?





so..."Seven" should answer Five.

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