Wednesday, June 11, 2008

[Kapi Regnum] Sunday Puzzle 2008/01/20

Fruity Fun

During a normal day in the medieval market town of Maldon a regular visitor named Adela makes her rounds to purchase supplies for her family, using the money her husband had earned at work on the plains a farmers cattle a few days before.

She could not afford much been that they were a poor family, but it was enough for them to feed themselves. Been that they could only afford meat as a treat on rare occasions they most often brought fruit, and had became very fond of apples.

After searching for a short while she found a Fruit Stall selling Apples, Grapes, Nuts, Berries and much more all with a similar price range, and decent quality. Usually you would find them to be slightly rotted, and on sale for a cheaper price.

Looking at the apples she found them to each have a different price range; Red Apples were 7¢τ, Yellow Apples were 6¢τ and Green, 9¢τ.After checking her pockets she brought enough to last a few days, knowing she could make Fretoure's for one day of that week.

She brought six yellow apples, nine green apples, and five red apples from the stall owner, and continued walking around the market for a short time. When she had finished she proceeded to walk home with her basket of apples in hand.

On her way through the streets she came across a friend, Tristana, who also happened to be fond of apples.. but she hated Yellow Apples, claiming them to not be as sweet as the other colours, She had just been to a stall herself, but was forced to buy two Yellow Apples been that the stall only had a small number of Red and Green.

Tristana offered to trade her two yellow apples for one red apple of Adela's, which was graciously accepted, after which they departed to go their separate ways. On the way home Adela ate one of her newly traded Yellow Apples.

When Adela got home, how much would she have spent on the apples she brought back with her?


Red Apples = 7¢τ
Yellow Apples = 6¢τ
Green Apples = 9¢τ

Adela bought 6Y 9G 5R from store so = 6x6+9x9+5x7=152¢τ

Tristana trade 2Y for 1R, so now is 8Y 9G 4R=8x6+9x9+4x7=157¢τ

Adela eat 1Y , so finaly she brought 7Y 9G 4R to home.

the answer is 7x6+9x9+4x7=151¢τ

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