Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Molehill Empire]Quest 15~21

QUEST 15 - 3000 Sunflowers

From Town council Green Valley

The local society for the prevention of cruelty to animals needs 3000 sunflowers to prepare bird feed for this winter. We'll pay you 900,00 gB.

QUEST 16 - 2000 Potatoes

From Aunt Edna

Hello, I've been planning to make my special roast today and the entiretown has promised to come... Now I urgently need 2000 potatoes so I canprepare the dumplings. Do you think you'll manage? I'll pay you 1800,00 gB.

QUEST 17 - 4400 strawberries

From Town council Green Valley

Green Valley will be competing against Hedgerow Ville during the bigbakery competition and we're in dire need of 4400 strawberries! We'll pay you 400,00 gB.

QUEST 18 - 1430 Peppers

From Restaurant Golden Sunset

We need your help! We've run out of hot peppers for our chili eatingcontest. Since the competitors don't have any taste buds left anyway, send 1430 peppers, they won't even realize ... we'll pay you 2500,00 gB.

QUEST 19 - 900 Asparagus

From Kindergarten

Hello, we'd like to cook asparagus with our kids - do you have 900 asparagus to spare? We can't pay you anything, but one kid's parents havepromised to donate a foot path for your garden.

QUEST 20 - 1600 carrots, 1600 cauliflowers, 1000 potatoes and 1600 broccoli

From Town council Green Valley

The salvation army is holding its annual open house today and isoffering a gigantic vegetable soup. Please deliver 1600 carrots, 1600cauliflowers, 1000 potatoes and 1600 broccoli. We' ll pay you 4500,00 gB.

QUEST 21 - 500 peppers, 2000 lettuce, and 1100 of Spinach

Subject Pastor of Green Valley

Body Hello, we are collecting donations for "Gnomes in Need". Please helpthose less fortunate than yourself by a donation of 500 peppers, 2000 headsof lettuce and 1100 heads of Spinach.

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