Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vista Windows Mail disappear

One day , my Windows Mail lost . Actually , the process "winmail.exe" still exist , Windows Mail still working fine (can receive mail), but it just not appear.
I try to seeking some solution from Microsoft but I can't get any useful information (they even can't download Windows Mail install again -_-), try search from google but still nothing can help me.
After one day testing , I found a solution...... you can't believe it.

" chkdsk /f "

yes, chkdsk ... i don't know why , but after this , my Windows Mail can appear on my desktop....finally.

某天,我的Windows Mail不見了。事實上,"winmail.exe"這個程式還在跑,Windows Mail還是能收信,不過它就是沒辦法顯示出來。

我試著在微軟網站找解決方法,不過我找不到任何有用的資訊,甚至連下載重裝Windows Mail都不行,而在Google找也找不到有用的東西。


" chkdsk /f "

是的,CHKDSK...我不曉得為什麼(我沒有磁區壞掉啊),不過做過chkdsk之後,我的Windows Mail可以顯示出來了,好不容易。

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