Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mortal Online CEO 訪問翻譯 Part 1

這是Mortal Online製作公司Star Vault的CEO Henrik NyströmMO-Radio 上訪問的對話。

廢話不多說,開始翻譯,希望大家可以從這些問答中多了解一些關於Mortal Online的東西。

以下Mortal Online簡稱MO

Q&A Grab Bag 1:

Q: Will you be able to buy more than one game with single unique credit card?
A: Yes, but there are some limitations in doing so(more detailed answer in the recordings).

Q: 一張信用卡可以買超過一個遊戲嗎 ?
A: 可以,但是會有數量上的限制(細節會在公佈)。

Q: Will you be able to pickpocket in MO?
A: Pickpocketing and stealing are in, the system is pretty similar to Ultima Online system.

Q: 在MO裡可以當扒手嗎 ?
A: 你可以在MO裡當扒手/行竊,這個系統相當類似於線上創世紀(UO)的系統。

Q: How does healing and resting work?
A: You can use rest skill when you're out of combat to regenerate hit points faster than normal. In addition to resting skill there are healing spells and potions.

Q: 醫療與休息是怎麼運作的 ?
A: 你可以在脫離戰鬥後使用休息技能,讓血回復的比平常快。在此之外還有補寫法術與藥水可以使用。

Q: Will there be magic implemented already in the beta preorderers get into?
A: There will be one magic school revealed to the players which is the basic combat magic school. Players will be able to explore the world to find out about magic and eventually reveal more magic schools by themselves.

Q: 魔法系統在預購的測試裡實裝了嗎 ?
A: 會有一系基本的戰鬥魔法可以讓玩家去學習,玩家可以在探索這世界中習得更多其他系的法術。(翻得怪怪的)

Q: How dark is dark in MO?
A: Pitch black. You will really need to have a light source with you to go to a dark place.

Q: MO的黑暗會有多黑 ?
A: 非常的黑。在黑暗的地方,你會需要一個光源。

Q: What's your stand on players who use macroing programs to train skills afk?
A: We're trying to make the skills work so that afk macroing skills has no significant advantage over training skills "the regular way".

Q: 你對玩家使用自動化程式去練技能的看法是 ?
A: 我們會試著讓使用自動化程式去練技能不會比正常的訓練方式有顯著的優勢。

Q: What happens when you die? How can I get back to the book of living?
A: When you die you turn into a ghost that moves in the ether world. You will either have to find a healer or a shrine to get back to the normal world alive. Also other players can resurrect you if they have the skill needed for resurrecting other players.

Q: 我死了會發生什麼事 ? 我要怎麼復活 ?
A: 當你死了,你會變成鬼魂在另一個肉眼看不到的世界移動。你必須找到醫療者或是神殿才能回到原有的世界,當然其他玩家如果有復活所需的技能,他們也可以復活你。

Q: Does money weight in MO?
A: Yes, you can only carry gold up to a certain limit by yourself. You can use for example caravans to move your goods.

Q: 在MO中,錢有重量嗎 ?
A: 是的,你只能攜帶一定數量的錢在身上。你可以使用像是馬車來幫你搬運貨物。

Q: Will tamed pets need food, do I need to feed them?
A: Yes, you will need to feed your pets.

Q: 馴服的寵物需要餵食嗎 ?
A: 是的,你需要餵食你的寵物。

Q: Can I go and tame a dragon if I want to?
A: You can always go and try, but I can't guarantee you any results.

Q: 如果我想的話,我可以馴服一隻龍嗎 ?
A: 你可以試試,但我不能保證有任何結果。

Q: Can you steal or loot a key to a house owned by another player and then take his house for yourself?
A: This is still under development and we are discussing what kind of level of security players should have in their houses. At the moment you can steal the a key to some others house, then go in and lock the doors in order to prevent others entering the house. The true owner of the house can go and have his locks changed if he can find someone to do it for him.

Q: 可以從其他有房子的玩家身上偷到或掠奪鑰匙然後佔有他的房子嗎 ?
A: 這部份還在開發,而且我們還在討論玩家的房子要有何等級的安全性。目前你可以偷到某間房子的鑰匙,進入房屋並且將門鎖上防止其他玩家進來。房屋的所有者可以更換他的鎖-如果他找到人幫他換做的話。


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