Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[Molehill Empire] Quest 58 ~ 64

QUEST 58 - 1 gazebo2

From: Town council Green Valley

The chairman of Green Valley's gardeners' society is celebrating his silver wedding. The party is scheduled to take place in his own garden. Unfortunately his wooden gazebo has collapsed under the load of visitors during the society's last garden-party. Deliver a gazebo 2, to save the day! The chairman is prepared to pay you 7,500.00 gB.

QUEST 59 - 4000 Cauliflowers, 4000 Broccoli and 4000 asparagus

From: Town council Green Valley

The food manufacturer Captain Fishbone is looking for organic vegetables, to produce his newest fish-delicacy "Organic Fish Bake". Only the best quality is good enough, as the test-eaters of the local gnome consumer's union, are known to be unrelenting. For your delivery of 4,000 broccoli, 4,000 cauliflowers and 4,000 asparagus, the fish producers will pay you the handsome sum of 40,000.00 gB.

QUEST 60 - 12500 crocuses

From: Town council Green Valley

The producer of GBC's successful mystery show "XXX" has chosen Green Valley as setting for the newest episode "Crop Circles". The vanguard director Friedrich von Fluster unfortunately insists on staging the chase scene through the crops in a circular crocus-bed. The desperate producer now urgently needs 12,500 crocuses. As reward for your services, he has promised to hand you formidable 10,000.00 gB and 9,000 Points.

QUEST 61 - 1 pond

From: Town council Green Valley

The society of Green Valley's senior citizens proves, that elderly gnomes can still be fit and jolly. The spry retirees have now planned to add a water gymnastics class to their weekly schedule. Since their backs are not what they used to be, they cannot dig the necessary pond themselves. Please send a pond to the society of senior citizens. You will receive 6 garden gnomes from the private collection of the society's chairwoman, Miranda Molehair.

QUEST 62 - 2350 Walnuts, 1000 plums and 800 red cabbages

From: Town council Green Valley

Poor aunt Edna has burnt her award-winning roast goose last Christmas. Unable to bear the shame, she has invited the entire community of Green Valley to a grande roast goose feast. However, she still needs 2,350 walnuts, 1,000 plums and 800 red cabbages, to prepare the filling and side-dishes. Unfortunately she cannot spare even a dime of her sparse pension, but you will receive 150,000 points as thank-you for helping her out.

QUEST 63 - 1700 pumpkins, 1400 asparagus, 600 apples and 600 cherries

From: Town council Green Valley

Every 4 years, Green Valley holds the legendary Gnome Olympics. For the Olympic disciplines "Pumpkin Tossing", "Asparagus-Spearing", "Applesauce-Slurping" and "Cherry-Pit-Spitting", another 1,700 pumpkins, 600 apples, 1,400 asparagus and 600 cherries are needed. Following the motto of "It's taking part, that counts!", the Olympic committee will reward you with honorable 35,000 points.

QUEST 64 - 900 onions, 1400 blackberries, 1200 red cabbages and 7000 carrots

From: Town council Green Valley

The Research Center Hedgerow Ville has been chosen to supply the GNASA's next space mission with food. Now the professors are feverishly preparing the ultra-compressed mush, used to fill the food-tubes. Unfortunately the research-team has run out of vegetable supply for the food replacement type "Spaced Out". Deliver 900 onions, 1,400 blackberries, 1,200 red cabbages and 7,000 carrots to the research center. You will receive 15,000.00 gB and 3,000 points.

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