Sunday, November 19, 2023

ExpressVPN STEAL my credit card info to renew subscription

Yes, it is ExpressVPN, one of top VPN in the world.

And it ExpressVPN steal my card info to renew subscription, let's see how it happen.

In short:
1. 2022/8/18, I purchased 1 year + 3 months plan($99.95) with credit card, Subscription ID 948*

2. The credit card expired in 2023.

3. 2023/11/17, my ExpressVPN plan expired.

4. It's Black Friday time, I compared few VPNs, give ExpressVPN another try, use new credit card to purchase 1 year + 3 months plan($99.95) again, Subscription ID 1039*

5. 2023/11/18, ExpressVPN use my new credit card info to renewing Subscription ID 948*, charged US$116.95.

I have to say, it was STEAL, ExpressVPN steal my credit card info that for new subscription to renew another subscription without asking.

Ok let's see the detail.

You can see, my first plan purchased at 2022/8/18, Subscription ID 948*.

And my credit card used for Subscription ID 948* was expired, ExpressVPN sent a email notice me, but I didn't renew card info because ExpressVPN increased the price.

Time moved to 2023/11/17, my ExpressVPN goes offline, after check their web I know my plan was expired.
After doing some research, I decide give ExpressVPN another try, because I am lazy to uninstall and install new VPN software.
So I purchase the Black Friday deal, 1 year + 3 months plan for $99.95 with my new credit card, Subscription ID 1039*.

The next day, 2023/11/18, I received an email said my ExpressVPN has renewing.

It was weird, so I checked ExpressVPN's website to figure out what happed.

I have two subscription ID, start with 948 (old one) and 1039(new one).

Subscription ID 948*  : expired at 2023/11/17, credit card expired so it can't renew.
Subscription ID 1039*: purchased at 2023/11/17 with new credit card.

Next day, I guess ExpressVPN system detect I have a working credit card, so it renew my old subscription without asking, using the new credit card info.

Subscription ID 948*  : renew at 2023/11/18 with new credit card info.

That's why I will say ExpressVPN steal my card info to renew subscription, ExpressVPN using my credit card to process unauthorized payment.

Finally, beware ExpressVPN didn't notice you they will store your credit card information, it only said "Your payment information is fully protected.".

Yea, not even in their TOS, I checked ExpressVPN Terms of Service at 2023/11/19, it didn't mention it will store/save your credit card info. 

ExpressVPN is not bad, speed is ok, response time sometimes better than without VPN, I can play LOL with ExpressVPN and have lower ping, but I can't trust a company who steal your credit card info.

I had ask customer service to refund my 2 subscriptions, hope it working or I have to issue VISA for suspicious transactions. 

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