Thursday, November 30, 2017

Textile defect detection using OpenCV | 使用OpenCv檢測紡織品瑕疵

textile defect detection
This is a sample display the result of textile defect detection via OpenCV, you can slide left/right to check image before and after.

Get the result like that was not so hard, just tune parameters and keep patient, for confidentiality reason I can't share sample code this time.

Please view this demo in web version, not mobile version.

Dirty | 髒污

Oil | 油汙


Broken Yarn | 斷紗


As you see, the result better than AOI line scan but still not good/smart enough, so it still has a lot work to make it better.
如你所見,這結果比AOI的Line Scan方式來的好,但還是不夠好/聰明,所以要讓它更好還有很多事得做。


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